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Useful info. Fund "Index UX"

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Useful info. Fund "Index UX"

KUBI - the short name (ticker) of stock index fund, "Ukrainian Stock Exchange Index." KUBI is the new tool on the Ukrainian stock market, which combined the best features of mutual funds and stocks.

The concept of stock index fund KUBI is to attempt to replicate the performance of the index Ukrainian Stock Exchange. As the result, due to only one transaction investor purchases a portfolio of securities that are included in the index UX. This broad portfolio diversification reduces the risks. Index structure is always known, and thus portfolio KUBI transparent.

KUBI - this is, in fact, mutual funds and alternative form of investment shares, an analogue of ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) - Investment funds, certificates of which are freely traded on an exchange and can be "traded" in a single trading session. KUBIs` certificates are easy to obtain. This can be done in the office of JSC "KINTO" or the Ukrainian stock exchange through any brokerage - high liquidity KUBI certificate allows you to trade on the stock exchange in real time.

KUBIs` certificates suggest variability of investment strategies: long-term average and, margin trading, mechanical trading systems, the combined trading decisions, trade pairs with index futures UX, game to drop, etc.

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