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A non-state pension fund (NPF) is the source of supplementary pensions to the employees from the employer, the cheapest and at the same time flexible and effective component of company’s motivational program.

The purpose of the NPF is to provide its participants with supplementary pensions by attracting funds from potential investors with future accumulation and growth of these funds by means of investing in shares, bonds, gold and other assets.

The NPF provides an opportunity to keep the best manpower with the company, creating more attractive material and social conditions to employees, comparing to company’s competitors. Participation in the NPF enhances company’s social attractiveness, management’s image and authority, has positive impact on the growth of market capitalization and business value.

Through applying various pension mechanisms, the corporate contributor is able to employ differentiated approaches in setting the amount of pension payments to be released to the company’s employees in respect of their age, experience and other indicators of the employee’s value for the company.

This allows to develop a general motivational plan on the basis of NPF and to create an incentive system for the most valuable employees without the problem to renew manpower.

Contributions to NPF paid by the employer for the benefit of company’s employees are treated as company’s gross expenses and are exempt from obligatory social security contributions and individual income tax.

The management of companies-contributors to non-state pension funds notes positive changes in personnel’s microclimate and improvement in their performance. Contributions from the employer to employees’ individual pension accounts make them more interested in company’s growth, as their own prosperity after retirement significantly depends on the financial success of the company.

A non-state pension from NPF is paid additionally to the state pension and irrespectively of it, not affecting the amount of state pension. The NPF’ profit is distributed among its participants in proportion with the amounts at the individual’s pension accounts and is not a subject to taxation.

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