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 Social Standard


Public pension fund Social Standard is an (not-for-profit) association of businesses founded and acting based on the Law of Ukraine on Provision of Non-Governmental Pensions and on other regulatory decrees on provision of non-government pensions.

SOCIAL STANDARD was founded in June 4, 2004

Founders: PrJSC KINTO and SC "KMS Ukraine"

The purpose of the Fund is to provide its participants (own employees and other companies and individuals) with supplementary pensions by attracting funds from potential investors, and future accumulation and growth of these funds by investing in the Ukrainian economy.

Participants: any individual (citizens of Ukraine, foreigners, persons without citizenship)

Contributors: any business entity or individual, who makes pension contributions to the benefit of the fund’s participant

Investment strategy: balanced policy of receiving stable returns under moderate level of risks, aimed at securing assets made by fund's contributors to the benefit of the fund's participants.

Reliability of the Fund is assured by:

  • an independent annual audit of non-governmental pension activity;
  • quarterly reports by the personnel servicing the Fund;
  • control by governmental authorities over the activities of the personnel servicing the Fund;
  • overseeing of the Fund by the Fund’s Board;
  • strict observance of the regulatory requirements and other executive provisions related to the composition and structure of the pension assets.

Five reasons why YOU should participate in the non-governmental pension provision program:

1. tax benefits:

According to the current tax regulations,

a corporate contributor is entitled to the following benefits:

  • to treat pension contributions made for the benefit of the company’s employees as company’s gross expenses (which means income tax savings equal to 25% of the amount of total contribution);
  • the pension contributions made for the benefit of the company’s employees are exempt from obligatory social security contributions to the Labor Compensation Fund (depending on type of business);

An individual contributor is entitled to the following benefits:

Pension contributions made for the benefit of oneself or one’s own family members (next of kin) are exempt from individual income tax in the amount equal to the amount of the monthly living wage for the employed individual as established on January 1 of the fiscal year multiplied by 1.4.

2. Implementation of social programs

Through participating in the Pension Fund the corporate contributor will get an opportunity to:

  • improve employees’ social security program;
  • redistribute for the benefit of the employees’ pension fund, a portion of funds designated for increasing wages;
  • allocate a portion of the company’s contractual social liabilities as pension provisions;
  • apply the most flexible approaches possible to developing social security packages for different categories of employees with the aim of differentiating the level of pension contributions to the non-governmental pension fund according to the company’s strategy in social security provisions.

3. Re-investment of accumulated pension contributions

A corporate contributor can re-invest a portion of contributions by investing the accumulated funds into securities (shares or bonds) issued by this contributor.

4. Adopting a manpower policy

Through applying various pension mechanisms, the corporate contributor is able to employ differentiated approaches in setting the level (amount) of pension payments to be released to the company’s employees in respect of their age, experience and other indicators of the worker’s value for the company.

Social Standard Open Pension Fund utilizes 9 pension schemes: 6 for corporate contributors and 3 for individual contributors.

5. Protection of the pension fund

By law, the entire accumulated amounts are considered as owned by participants as soon as the contributions arrive in the individuals’ pension accounts. The NPF cannot be pronounced bankrupt. The NPF cannot be held responsible for liabilities of the founders or of those who provide services to the Fund. Recovery of contributors’ liabilities cannot be enforced by way of the NPF. The custodian bank and Financial Services Commission carry out monitoring of the adequacy of the Fund’s utilization and allocation of pension contributions.

Social Standard Public Pension Fund, complying with all legal requirements, is managed by prudent and experienced financial market specialists.

The Fund is serviced by the following professional participants in the financial market:

The pension assets are managed by PrJSC KINTO, asset management

Founded in 1992, KINTO is today recognized as a leader in the Ukrainian stock market, being an active player in the stock market’s establishment and development. Carrying out asset-management activities for investment funds and non-governmental pension funds, KINTO offers the expertise, competence and experience of its team of professionals as well as a wide range of investment strategies, the registration certificate of the financial institution ¹145 dated 29 October 2004.

Administrator of the Fund: Centre of Personified Records — permanent license of State Financial Service ÀÁ ¹115988 dated 14.08.2008, the registration certificate of the financial institution ÀÀ ¹28 dated 26 November 2004.

The company takes a leading position at the financial services market, providing services to 18 non-state pension funds.

Custodial of the Fund: JSC Piraeus Bank ICB, permanent licence of the State Securities and Stock market Commission (SSSMS) ÀÅ ¹263335 dated 12 October 2013. Registration certificate in State bank register ¹234 dated 31 January 1994.

The bank has been operating at financial markets for more than 16 years. Since 1999, the Bank is subject to annual financial audit in compliance with international accountancy standards.

The Fund is registered in the register of the financial institutions of Ukraine (registration number 12100593) as an institution authorized to provide services on the non-state pension provision. (Certificate No. 11 as of 19.10.2004).

For queries or help please contact our consultant Ms. Oksana Stoianova on tel. +380 44 246 73 50, 246 76 41

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