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Closed-end specialized unit investment fund of precious metals KINTO-Gold

General features

Objective creation of instrument, change of value of which corresponds best to the dynamics of gold
Number and Date of State Registration as a Fund 00287 as of 28 July 2014
State Registration Code 23400287
Dominant Asset Class

- property rights under contracts with banks on payment cash equivalent of gold at its current rate;

-gold ingots deposited in bank vaults

Termination date Until 27 July 2034

Funds Investment Certificates Authorized

Kind investments certificates
Type Nominal Shares
Form Non-documentary
Face Value 10, 00 UAH.
Investment Certificates Authorized 50 000 000
Total Authorized Face Value of the Issue 500 000 000,00 UAH.
Certificate of Issuance 00655 as of 18 September 2014
Total Authorized Face Value of the Issue Total Authorized Face Value of the Issue


Mode of placement Public offer
Minimal amount for purchasing 100 000 (one hundred thousand) UAH


Redemption on termination of the Funds activity
Possibility of pre-term redemption (see Regulations)
Amount of investment certificates allowed for pre-term redemption no less than 10 000 (ten thousand)


- total amount of liabilities of one bank may not exceed 25% of the total Funds asset value;

- the Fund may not allocate more than 20% of the total Funds asset value in liabilities of one bank.

Dividend policy

No dividends will be accrued or paid out.

Fees and expenses

Charge/loads (investor's direct expenses)

Front-end Commission (increases the price of the Fund's securities)

- 1%

Pre-term redemption discount (decreases redemption price of the Fund's securities)

- 7% (in cashless settlements);
- 8% (in settlements with cash)

Fund Operating Expenses (investors indirect expenses)

AMC Management Fee 0,9 % of the Funds annual average Net Asset Value (NAV);
Incentive Fee


Other Expenses: custodian, broker, audit, notary, etc. May not exceed 5% of annual average NAV

Regulation and monitoring

The National Securities and Stock Market Commission


All news

S&P 500 1313.01 -0.25%
DJI 12653.72 -0.05%
DAX 6458.91 0.22%
FTSE 100 5681.61 0.19%
NIKKEI 225 8802.51 0.11%
1577.29 1.99%
SSEC 2292.61 0.33%
HSI 20390.49 1.14%
Bovespa 63072.31 0.48%
BSE SENSEX 16863.30 0.00%

Exchange rate 22.11.2020(NBU source):
1 USD=28.257 UAH
1 EUR=33.435 UAH
10 RUB=3.702 UAH
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