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The mutual fund Index UX (KUBI) is the stock market instrument, which combines the best features of mutual funds and stocks. The idea of Index UX is to follow the dynamics of Ukrainian Exchange Index. This allows investor to buy a portfolio of securities included in the Index with just one operation. The purchase of investment certificate is always a low cost operation, which reduces investors risk through diversification. In its essence, mutual fund Index UX is the analogue of ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) - funds with securities that are traded on the stock exchange, which enable investors to buy and sell them within one trading session.

Recent trends indicate that exchange traded funds are getting very popular among investors around the world. And it is not surprising, since ETFs have many advantages compared to usual mutual funds. According to official estimates, about one-third of the trade volume in the U.S. accounts for transactions with exchange traded funds that is 1.3 trillion dollars of assets.

Characteristics of instrument:

Diversification. By making only one transaction, the investor becomes the owner of the entire portfolio of securities, included in Ukrainian Exchange Index.

Transparency. The index composition is always known, which means that the funds portfolio is absolutely transparent.

Reliability. Index UX is the collective investment institution, which is strictly controlled by the State.

Easy to use. It is possible to buy and sell the exchange traded funds certificates at any time from any trading platform. By purchasing certificate, investor actually buys market portfolio.

Low cost. The fund can be purchased quickly, easily and with minimal expenses.

Liquidity. Certificates can be easily traded on stock exchange as common stock, even intraday.

Variety of strategies. ETFs certificate can be used in any stock exchange operations, e.g. short selling or trading on leverage. Besides, investment into exchange traded fund allows building different individual investment and trading strategies.

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Exchange rate 25.10.2020(NBU source):
1 USD=28.265 UAH
1 EUR=33.411 UAH
10 RUB=3.679 UAH
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